This Month in SEL [November 2020]

A curation of the top SEL headlines, research & insights from November.

This month in SEL: new research explores lessons learned from schools and out-of-school time programs implementing SEL, the impact of the pandemic on student learning and SEL, five tips to help districts bride the equity divide, and more!

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Early Lessons from Schools and Out-of-School Time Programs Implementing SEL

In one of the most comprehensive studies of social-emotional learning implementation to date, a new report from the Wallace Foundation includes findings from the early work of six communities that have gone about integrating SEL programs and practices into schools and OST.

Key findings from the report include:

  • A community-wide definition of SEL, shared terminology and guidance on what skills and practices to focus on were helpful to site leaders carrying out the work.

  • A mutual commitment to SEL and making time for in-person meetings were important means of getting school-OST partnerships under way.

  • The communities taking part in the effort viewed adult SEL skills, such as establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, as a foundation for students’ SEL skill building.

  • SEL rituals and routines, such as warmly greeting students and closing with an opportunity to reflect on the day’s activities, were a good starting point for promoting a positive culture.

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The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Student Learning and Social-Emotional Development

In this research brief, we explore emerging research on the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on K-12 student and share recommendations for accelerating learning recovery while prioritizing young people’s social-emotional development.

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CASEL Provides Curated Resources for Advancing SEL to Create Supportive Learning Environments

This curated list of resources is designed to assist educators in reflecting on their social and emotional competencies in order to cultivate a learning environment that supports all members of their school community.

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5 Tips for Bridging the Equity Divide in School Districts

A superintendent offers insight on tackling not only academic performance gaps, but also equity challenges such as racial disparities and long-term outcomes for students of color.


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