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SEL in 5 is a monthly newsletter from the team at Inside SEL designed to help you level-up your SEL leadership.

Every month, the latest issue is sent to our community of 35,000+ subscribers. Each edition includes 3 short thoughts on leading social-emotional learning efforts in your community, 2 quotes from researchers or practitioners in the field, and 1 question for you to consider. 

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to level-up their leadership when it comes to facilitating organizational change and advancing SEL efforts within their community. Our subscribers include educators, social workers, principals, non-profit directors, researchers, my wife, students, parents, school counselors, and district administrators.

Who are you?

My name is Nick Woolf and I am the founder of Inside SEL.

Why did you decide to start this?

When I transitioned into a new role as an administrator tasked with leading social-emotional learning efforts in a school district in Vermont, I started looking for newsletters and publications that were focused on leadership and SEL. I wasn’t able to find a single outlet that provided digestible insights across multiple sources that was focused on navigating the challenges of implementing SEL systemically in schools. I personally subscribe to many weekly and monthly newsletters and felt that the field could benefit from one devoted to leadership and SEL.

(Yes, James Clear’s 3-2-1 Newsletter is what I decided to model SEL in 5 after. James, please don’t be angry.)

How often will this come out?

We publish SEL in 5 once per month. Expect it in your inbox towards the end of each month.

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We hope that you join us.

Whoever you are: Thanks, as always, for reading.

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A monthly newsletter to help you level-up your SEL leadership.


Founder of Inside SEL and author of two Substack newsletters about education: SEL in 5 and Empathy in Bytes.